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SweepsForACause is powered by Giving Forward. You know, before Giving Forward was born, We-Care was rocking the cause marketing world with its eCommerce platform. After a fruitful 6.5 year partnership and a pilot project at the request of Amazon, the global giant was inspired to launch SMILE, which would go on to generate an outstanding $330 million in donations (as of 10/2021). When Amazon branched out with SMILE, We-Care graciously closed its doors, and its assets happily found a new home with Giving Forward.

Giving Forward, a US-based non-profit, develops unconventional channels to facilitate donations and corporate philanthropy. We leverage SweepsForACause, Cause Powered Publishing, virtual events, an upcoming NFT collaboration with NFT.NYC, a Volunteer Marketplace platform and Cause Marketing Powered Commerce. These strategic avenues convert attention, behavior, and events into revenue for other nonprofits.

Kevin Lee is the founder of Giving Forward.

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    When you make the generous choice to donate as you enter our sweepstakes, know that an impressive 90% of your donation directly impacts the nonprofits we support.